Padgets is a new social media tool, developed by a research team within the EU’s 7th Framework programme, which provides citizens with an online platform to participate and actively  contribute to the decisions of the policy makers.

Padgets is an application which makes use of social media  in order to provide citizens with the possibility to directly communicate with the MEP and, thus, ensures that the citizens are directly involved in the current decision and policy making processes. MEP Fajon has already written a blog about Padgets, which you are invited to read through to refresh your memory on some of the main characteristics and advantages of the new application.

Today we would like to invite you to participate and contribute to two specific campaigns which reflect some of the current legislative files and discussions at EU level.

The first is connected to the current report of the EP on Media Freedom in Europe and can be found by following the hashtag #media. In the upcoming days and weeks we will be using the Padgets application to present some of views of MEP Fajon in regard to the report and the users will be asked to provide their feedback and comments.

The second campaign relates to specific EU measures in the fight against corruption. Users will be aksed to provide their view on several aspects, among them a common EU definition of corruption and new provisions to combat corruption and foster transparency and integrity, which are currently being discussed in the framework of the special Committee on organised crime, corruption and money laundering (CRIM). The messages under this campaign will be found under the hashtag #CRIM.

We look forward to your contributions.