MEP Tanja Fajon, Vice-President of Social Democrats Slovenia and Vice-President of S&D in the European Parliament commented on the current situation in Macedonia. 
"Social Democrats in Slovenia have been closely following the developments in Macedonia in the past couple of months. Yesterday's incidents and widespread violence in Kumanovo, a town which has a tradition of ethnic conflicts, continue to take place today. SD is deeply worried and calling all sides to restrain from further escalation of violence." 
"The protests of last week showed how unsatisfied Macedonian people are, but what is happening in the region of Kumanovo now is alarming," Fajon added. "It is important to stop violence, to prevent further escalation of conflict and to remain calm and cold-blooded. I urge both politicians and civilians to be cooperative and to refrain from provoking potential tense situations. What Macedonia needs now is higher level of political culture, an honest dialogue, more tolerance, and above all the sensibility for its citizens. Political games and interests of political leaders should not prevail those of its citizens. Macedonian people cannot become victims of politicians' appetites."